Three interviews on the places we go when we don’t want to be where we are.
Shot and edited on 16mm film.
Interviewees: Artem Bakatov, Nurain Amin, Mars Tomasetti
Production Assistant: Aidan Paniagua
Growing Places was my first experience shooting and editing on film. I'm not a natural documentary filmmaker but I imagined that having b-roll based visuals as opposed to a visual narrative would allow me to make the most of my limited film stock budget. The shooting process involved going to each interviewee's location, recording their interview on location with my phone, and shooting about two minutes of footage with the interview in mind.
Editing this project was daunting! The film was shot on positive, so any cuts or scratches would make it to the final film. Also, the interview audio totaled to about an hour and a half and had to be cut down to the 6 or so minutes of usable film. It was a fine line of stripping as much as possible from the interviews, while keeping the core narrative through-line. For how tight the editing process ended up being, I'm very happy with how the final film turned out!

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