Hello! I’m Elijah, and I’ve been pursuing animation and audio production for the better part of my life. My work, released under the name Maniacal Jackal, attempts to capture the complexities of human life and interaction through playful, vibrant, and simple presentation.
I was infatuated with animation, particularly stop-motion animation, from a young age. After discovering the beautiful and vibrant stories being told on YouTube with clay and LEGO bricks, I began learning how to recreate that magic with free child-friendly stop motion software and taped-down webcams. As I began to imagine more complex stories, my love for animation began to merge with a passion for sound design. My involvement in choir from 6th grade onward, my close friends making music around me, and my gravitation toward sound in my high school film classes merged to form an interest in music and sound design, as well as how they interact with and strengthen visuals.
My first EP, Weekend at Lighthouse Lake, released in December 2020.
My first large scale stop-motion project, The Library, released on January 6, 2023.
I am currently attending Emerson College and Paris College of Art through their joint GBFA in Film Art program.
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